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Client Case Study: BARE BIOLOGY


Bare Biology were looking to drive revenue for niche products via more qualified traffic. 


The client used lots of resource publishing content but needed help monetising more effectively and attracting a more targeted audience. Traffic numbers were slowly declining and content wasn’t getting much traction in the SERPs. 

The client had a high bounce rate and a lower than average CVR, so they needed help driving more quality leads and converting them.


The client invested a lot of resources in terms of time and money which was very valuable to them, being a growing business without a huge budget. 

We wanted to reduce wastage and focused on bringing in quality traffic as a priority



We started by running a crawl of all of their content and mapping this content with search visibility, CVR, CTR and impressions. 

This gave us a good picture of the content that was resonating most with the audience and the content that was falling flat. With these insights, we were able to identify:

  • Pages that were ranking on page 2 (low hanging fruit)

  • Pages that had great potential but were not optimised or providing a lot of value

  • Blog posts that were cannibalising one another - ie, posts that could be merged into one rather than competing for the same keywords

  • Pages that had topical clustering value but no internal linking structure

  • Posts that were relevant but had no CTAs or product-led optimisation 

With all of this insight, we had a great foundation to start making optimisations to existing content. 

We ranked the posts according to how much traffic they were getting and how valuable they were in terms of targeting the right users. 

We optimised each post through a process that included:

  • Internal linking

  • Keyword clustering

  • Relevant CTAs

  • Content structure

  • Keyword placement

  • Topical detail

  • E-A-T considerations (authorship, sources etc)


In 6 months we achieved:

  • +35% revenue increase 

  • +28% CVR uplift 

  • +14% rise in average session duration 

  • 8% traffic increase

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