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Client Case Study: Didgeheads and Hertility


At Didgeheads, we have had the privilege of collaborating with a groundbreaking women's health company that stands to empowerment in reproductive healthcare. The brand is revolutionising the landscape with its unique home-based testing, offering data-driven insights into reproductive health, fertility decline, and the onset of menopause.


They were experiencing stagnant SEO growth whilst their competitors were surging ahead. They needed an agency with specialised expertise and reliability, so they reached out to Didegheads, where our collaboration started in April 2023.


What was our approach?


  • Our partnership involved implementing a comprehensive content optimisation plan, strategically updating all existing content to increase rankings, engagement and authority in the space.


  • We targeted key product pages, optimising them for conversions, where we fine-tuned them for higher rankings on critical lower funnel keywords.


  • In addition, we devised a proactive content plan, ensuring the publication of fresh and engaging material each month. 


  • Complementing this, our team created a robust link-building campaign, enhancing Hertility's online presence and authority.


In 12 months, we have seen some remarkable results:


Organic User Growth: The website traffic grew +104% YoY in Users and +127% in sessions.


Revenue Boost: The client experienced a substantial YoY revenue increase of +208%.


Conversion Optimisation: The website's conversion numbers experienced a significant increase of +212% YoY.

The success achieved in collaboration with Hertility not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our tailored strategies but also reflects our commitment to driving tangible and impactful results for our clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape. At Didgeheads, we are proud to contribute to Hertility's mission of empowering women in their journey towards optimal reproductive health.

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