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9 Hacks to 3x Your Conversion Rate on Your Product Pages

What’s the point of spending 7 figures in PPC or Paid Social if your audience arrives at your website & LEAVES without a purchase? 

At Didgeheads, we’ve always focused on maximising the returns you get from the traffic we grow. Our journey with you does not stop at traffic - we support our clients when it comes to optimising their copy and landing pages for conversions. We’ve helped clients double conversions within 12 months, and a big part of that is optimising the pages themselves, not just the quality traffic we bring in.

Check out these simple hacks that can help you double your conversion rate. 

1. Stop talking about FEATURES and focus on BENEFITS

No one cares about the ‘sea moss from Alaska’ that’s in your new supplement. They care about how it will IMPACT THEIR LIVES.

STOP: ‘includes specially imported sea moss from from Alaska’

START: ‘feel refreshed and invigorated within 30 minutes of waking’

Your audience is primarily concerned about their results. Or how they FEEL after using your product. Help them visualise that feeling, and leave them feeling like a purchase is a no brainer.

2. Tell a story

Think of your website as a story. The homepage is your book cover, the main nav is your contents, and the product pages are the key chapters. 

Does your story flow? 

You want to think about every consideration of that person’s journey and cater to it. 

If they’re looking for a premium new vanity unit for their bathroom, they’ll think about size, material, colour, durability - but in what order? 

No point looking at colour if you don’t have the right size. So think about the journey and what information you’re laying out and WHEN.

3. Get a complete NOVICE that is NOT in your industry to read your homepage

I get so many enquiries from prospective clients and the first thing I do is read their homepage. 

SO MANY TIMES I come away going “what do they offer, beyond a product that many others also offer?”

What you OFFER is different to what you SELL. Yes, you sell vanity units for bathrooms - but what do you OFFER?

You offer status (high end design), you offer reduced cleaning time (high tech services for simple cleaning), you offer a statement of individuality (bespoke design service).

4. Cut the fat

“Our Alaskan Sea Moss is the ultimate supplement for busy professionals who need more energy, more focus and who strive for optimum health”


“The supplement for busy people who need energy, focus and optimum health”

5. Paragraphs are old news

Paragraphs look boring, time consuming and like your brand copywriter got carried away. Write in punchy sentences, use bullet points and get WHITE space in there.

6. Make your CTAs about outcomes, not actions

CTO is a term I’m now coining - it’s a “call to outcome”

Stop: “Download our Ebook now”

Start: “Improve your heart health now”

Oh, and if your CTA buttons are RED, you’re saying STOP. 

Change them to green, and you’re saying GO.

7. Put your target keyword in paragraph ONE

This helps clarify early on to crawlers AND humans what your page topic is.

8. Vary the sentence length


Writing in long sentences every time can get really boring for your readers because everything ends up sounding very monotone, lengthy and it makes the content really hard to skim. Can you see how this paragraph feels very clunky to read and probably makes you want to skip off.


Writing in long sentences too often can get really boring for readers. Things sound monotone. It can also make your content difficult to skim read. So switch it up. Some sentences should be long, some short. That’s the key!

9. Stop Making it About You

Talk about your customers - their problems, their concerns and what you can do for THEM. Count how many times you say ‘we’ and how many times you say ‘you’ in your copy. If the amount of ‘we’ is higher - you’re talking about yourselves more than your customers. That’s a problem. Get more ‘you’s in there.

These tips only scratch the surface, but they’re a great place to start. Don’t forget to follow Didgeheads on LinkedIn for more SEO, content and marketing tips just like this. 

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