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Why is your PPC performance declining? Here’s the Reason

Paid Search mostly targets the lower funnel. 

You target people who are using commercial queries to find product pages - you bid on these because they are WORTH the most to your brand.

It makes sense - for a while.

But that pool of people who are ready to buy NOW will run dry at some point. 

They'll have made their purchase and left the market.

Now you have a host of NEW people who are ready to buy NOW.

This is where it gets messy:

You've just spent the past three months on customers who have now left the market, and you've neglected the people who wern't ready then, but are NOW.

In the meantime, your competitors got them onto email lists, published content that they engaged with organically, and guess what? When it's time to purchase, they choose that competitor over you.

Your competition put the work in early doors. 

You haven't built a relationship because you were too busy focusing on the NOW.

That's why ploughing all of your budget into Paid Search is not a long term strategy. 

#SEO is your GROWTH channel.

Touch points range from the complete upper funnel (informational blog content) to the lower funnel (product pages and commercial keywords)

You're securing FUTURE customers and preparing that purchase 6 months to a year in advance.

With SEO - users interact with your blog in the upper and mid funnel, and product pages in the lower funnel. 

You have customers coming in at every stage of readiness, meaning a fresh line of leads that renews each month. 

Don’t neglect SEO because of short termism - future proof your brand by investing in a truly long term strategy. 

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