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At Didgeheads, we're not your typical SEO agency. We believe in being straight shooters, no fluff, just honest advice delivered with a bit of edge. 

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The dark arts have no place in our SEO world.


We've seen enough smoke and mirrors to know that the industry needs a shake-up. That's why we're dedicated to transparent and accountable SEO that delivers on promises and steadfast commitment.


We're all about quality, focused leads that drive real results. Forget chasing small gains—we're here to nurture game changers.


Candy-coated consulting? Not our style. Building brand loyalty takes time, and we're in it for the long haul. SEO is our weapon of choice because it compounds in terms of growth, offering incremental return on investment unlike high-maintenance PPC.


At Didgeheads, we've crafted a tailored approach for each brand, rooted in core principles: positively impacting the bottom line, starting with luxury and ending with conversions.


Our mission is simple: to provide honest and straightforward SEO services to brands operating in the premium and e-commerce space.


Founders Jess and Soraya lead Didgeheads with unmatched experience and vision. Jess, a Media and Communication Studies graduate, brings 8 years of SEO leadership, having driven strategies for billion-dollar international e-commerce enterprises. She's a respected figure in the industry, renowned for her LinkedIn presence and contributions to SEO discussions. Soraya, with a Media Communications Diploma, offers 7 years of marketing and SEO prowess. Her expertise lies in directing international campaigns for prestigious e-commerce brands, particularly in the luxury sector, making her a real estate SEO expert and SEO for fashion ecommerce specialist. Additionally, both excel in SEO services for Shopify platforms and SEO for realtors. Soraya’s collaborations with Middle Eastern influencers, including royalty and celebrities, underscore her proficiency in luxury e-commerce brand promotions.

Together, Jess and Soraya spearhead Didgeheads' commitment to excellence and innovation in luxury e-commerce SEO.

Alongside our core team, Didgeheads collaborates with a select group of specialist partners, including seasoned content creators, web developers, PR professionals, and data analysts. These experts play a vital role in augmenting our capabilities, ensuring our solutions meet the exacting standards of luxury e-commerce enterprises. By harnessing their expertise alongside our own, we deliver holistic SEO strategies that drive significant impact and sustainable growth. With a focus on transparency, integrity, and ROI, Didgeheads is poised to elevate your luxury e-commerce brand to new heights of success. We're not here to throw around buzzwords or acronyms. We're here to be your refreshingly approachable, straight-talking partners. We take your future as seriously as you do.

Together, we are Didgeheads - Capturing the clicks that count.



We were fed up with the endless stream of SEO horror stories. With over 15 years of combined experience in marketing and SEO, both of us have seen it all - from in-house roles to agency environments. Luxury and e-commerce isn't just a business sector for us; it's in our blood. Soraya grew up surrounded by luxury real estate, while Jessica cut her teeth in the world of luxury retail.


We understand the meticulous attention to detail required to capture premium buyers and the uncompromising dedication to brand and service excellence.


We were driven to start Didgeheads after witnessing SEO agencies consistently miss the mark in understanding the luxury and e-commerce market. We were tired of seeing them resort to 

cheap, blackhat SEO tactics that attracted the wrong kind of traffic. From irrelevant content aimed at high-funnel keywords to questionable link placements, all while promising unrealistic organic growth with minimal investment - it was a cycle we had to break.


We knew there had to be a better way. Our blueprint for success revolves around transparency, honesty, and delivering tangible results.


We recognised that the luxury and e- commerce market demands a nuanced approach - an understanding of the audience's preferences, buying habits, and pain points. And our Founders will work directly with you - no sky high rates for the work of juniors on your account. You’ll work directly with the most experienced people here.



Showcasing real success stories across diverse industries:


A Bathroom Furniture Brand's Digital Triumph with Didgeheads

A bathroom furniture brand aimed to transition from showrooms to online prominence.


With strategic expertise, the brand now boasts 72K users in 6 months, with 44% of revenue coming from organic search, and 4.5K keywords ranked.


Didgeheads and Hertility Rewrite Women's Health

In 12 months, Didgeheads transformed Hertility's digital presence. 


With tailored strategies, Hertility saw a +104% YoY increase in users, +208% YoY revenue boost, and +212% YoY conversion rise. This partnership underscores our commitment to driving impactful results.



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NO more SEO dark art. Just heart on sleeve transparency.

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